Working Hard

Recently, I read a quote from Hyman Rickover.  Rickover was an admiral in the United States Navy.  A Russian immigrant, he is the father of nuclear propulsion.  Admiral Rickover was known as a workaholic.  He never considered himself smart, only those around him dumb.  Looking forward, the United States education system worried him a great […]

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Rank Up, Soldiers!

I am currently half-way through my current Civil War Game! This game, in its simplest  form, can be used in any classroom, with any subject, for any age students. The basic premise is that students are soldiers who work hard to “rank up.” With every increase in rank, students are rewarded with a week’s pay […]

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Trading Card Game

This time last year I was working on a board game to help my students understand ancient civilizations.  This year, my students had a firm grasp on the ancient civilizations but needed a little bit of help on globalization and economics in general.  Enter the game Economica. I knew I wanted my students to build […]

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I am in planning mode.  All my tools have been gathered.  Markers, paper, books, computer, and a large block of time are all at my disposal.  I may have mentioned in a earlier post that I am the Monica Gellar of organization. Give me a label maker and a few file folders and I can conquer the […]

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The long hot days of testing are upon us.  Schedules are changed. Students may stay with you for hours even though you only teach them one subject.  Always operating on the principle that if I am bored, certainly the students are bored.  There needs to be a mix of fun and review and perhaps a […]

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